Terms & Coditions


NOMINATION CRITERIA: The GAISA awards are open to anybody who desire to nominate an individual or an organization who has contributed to the area of artificial intelligence with their innovative thinking and breakthrough idea. There is no limit to the number of nominations an individual can submit. After the completion of the nomination, each Applicant will receive a questionnaire that to be filled and submit along with necessary documents. 

SUBMISSION & DEADLINE: All nominationsmust be received on or before 20th September 2021. Entries received after the

closing date will not be accepted. The nominations are accepted only via theonline portal which made available on the GAISA website https://gaisa.in/focus.php

COPYRIGHT: The legitimacy and authenticity of

all the documents and information shared for the nomination purpose will bethe sole responsibility of the individual or the organization.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All the information and documents submitted within the nomination form will be confidential. The received nominations will only be shared with the panel of judges on a secure basis.

PAYMENT: Award entries should be made with a payment of INR 15,000 + GST for each category. AICRA Members can nominate up to 3 award categories without any payment.

AWARD DECLARATION: All the related decisions by the panel of judges are final in every situation and awards will be made at their discretion. 

RESCHEDULING THE EVENT:AICRA Reserves the right to reschedule the date, venue & time of the event under unforeseen circumstances. All the registrations related to the award event will be valid until the rescheduled date.