Procedure For Nomination


Artificial Intelligence as a concept has existed for decades, but only in recent years have businesses begun large-scale adoption. AI technologies have the potential to reshape the world that we live in and change the way that we work. The GAISA awards acknowledges the special achievement of Corporate, Institutions and Individuals and present the honours to the finest in the AI ecosystem. It is a token of gratitude and appreciation to celebrate the growing AI talent that brings the best to the World.

       Public Limited
    •  Pvt Limited
    •  Education
  •  NGO
  •  GOVT. Department
  •  Proprietary/Individual
  •  Partnership

Award Categories

Kindly select one or more of the following Categories, you would like to nominate for the awards:

GAISA Awards For Corporate

  •   Best use of AI in Financial Services
  •   Best use of AI in Healthcare
  •   Best use of AI in Automation
  •   Best use of AI in Agriculture
  •   Best use of AI in Insurance
  •   Best use of AI in Retail
  •   Best use of AI in Education
  •   Best use of AI in Robotics
  •   Best Research Company in AI
  •   Best use of AI in Gaming
  •   Best AI Publication Award
  •   Best AI Use in Smart Cities
  •   Best AI Use in Mobility

GAISA AI Solution Awards

  •   AI/Automation Technology Provider of the Year
  •   Best Cloud or Networking Automation Solution
  •   Best Emerging Technology in AI Award
  •   Best RPA Project
  •   Best Use of AI
  •   Best Use of Automation
  •   Best Use of Conversational AI
  •   Best Use of Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics
  •   Best RPA Solution
  •   Best Innovation in Intelligent Automation
  •   Best Innovation in NLP
  •   Best Innovation in AI Hardware
  •   Best Innovation in Deep Learning

GAISA Awards For Education Sector

  •   Best Incubator or Accelerator for AI
  •   Best AI Research Lab Setup Award
  •   Most Emerging School as AI Education Provider
  •   Most Emerging Institute as AI Education Provider
  •   Most Emerging University in AI Education
  •   Excellence and Innovation in AI Education

GAISA Special Awards

  •   Best AI Startup Award
  •   Best AI Application of the year
  •   Best AI Company of the year
  •   Special Achievement Award
  •   AI Education Entrepreneur of the year
  •   Best AI Contribution to Society
  •   Lifetime Achievement Award
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